What To Expect

Remember all those times when your family has gotten together and you all end of pulling all of those old photo albums, portraits, and loose photos of each other and from your past generations?  

This is where they start!

The Consultation

Don't worry I won't leave you stranded after your session not knowing what to order. The in-person consultation is a chance for us to get to know each other.  What are you passionate about?  What's your vision?  Your dreams?  Aspirations? I LOVE learning about people.

We'll go over locations, dates, take a look at artwork and collections.  This helps me design your session, not only for you but artwork to be displayed in your home.  I will answer any question you have.  If you choose to book with me, the session retainer is required to hold your date.


Wearing the right clothing and having the perfect accessories is extremely important and can make or break your images.  Even though an outfit may look great in person it does not mean it will necessarily photograph well.

Bring lots of clothes.  Together, we will create outfits to go with the locations we've chosen.  Matching outfits with locations is super important.  If one doesn't match the other, the entire look will feel off.

hair and makeup

Hair and makeup is a must for the Be SEEN Experience.  You want to look and feel your best, why wouldn't you want to be pampered?!  Lindsay will take perfect care of you.  You, Lindsay, and I will collaborate the best look for your session via sharing inspiration on Messenger.  We ALL want you to look like a super model, but, still look like yourself.

the photoshoot

This is THE day!  Don't be nervous...easier said than done, right?!  I have a few tricks to help you relax and get into your groove.  I swear I will only allow you to look gorgeous.

reveal & ordering session

About a week after your session, we will get together to view, select, and order your artwork.  I will NOT leave you with an on-line gallery to do this on your own.  That is not my thing.  I do this to help make everything as easy and fun as possible.  I want everything about your session to be happy and memorable.  You want artwork to remember the day and how great it was and how you felt.

ALL decision makers MUST attend because this is when your order is placed.

artwork & collections

All artwork and collections are purchased separately from your session retainer at your reveal and ordering appointment.  I have many unique items from albums to metals to Folio Keepsake collections.  Any artwork purchased includes the digital version.