What To Expect

“Beauty can be seen in all things,

seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.”

Matt Hardy

The Consultation
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What are you passionate about?  What's your vision?  Your dreams?  Aspirations? I LOVE learning about people.

We'll talk about your ideas for your session.  For example, locations, vibe, outfit ideas, hair and makeup ideas, maybe including your hobby, a pet, etc.  We will also go over dates, take a look at artwork and collections.  This helps me design your session, not only for you, but, artwork to be displayed in your home.


Wearing the right clothing and having the perfect accessories is extremely important and can make or break your images.  Even though an outfit may look great in person, does not mean it will necessarily photograph well.

I will create a customized What to Wear Guide based on your style, budget, and overall vibe.  Free People has awesome boho dresses.  American Eagle has great every day stuff.  So does TJ Maxx, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe.  Oh!  and don't forget about thrift shops!  You want to be unique and not wear what your friends wear...I highly encourage you to look for local boutiques.  They will def have unique pieces. Plus, you'll be helping out our local ppl.

Once your outfits are selected, this will help me style your session based on where we go.  Matching outfits with locations is super important.  If one doesn't match the other, the whole look will be off.  We will incorporate as many outfits as possible (depending on fast you change :D).  I suggest putting each outfit on a hanger and pinning your accessories to the outfit.  Nice and organized!  PLEASE remember to iron everything.

hair and makeup



Lindsay is your hair and makeup artist.  She and I have worked together for a few years now.  She also does my hair.  The BE SEEN EXPERIENCE includes hair and makeup on location for Spring or Summer sessions.  Yup, you can have Lindsay with you for your ENTIRE session.  You may have up to three looks.  She will also do touch-ups between shots.  Lindsay will take perfect care of you.  Prior to your session, you, Lindsay, and I will collaborate the best look for your session via sharing inspiration via text.  We ALL want you to look like a super model, but, still look like yourself.

the photoshoot

This is THE day!  Don't be nervous...IK, easier said than done, right?!  I have a few tricks to help you relax and get into your groove.  You may feel weird  bc of some of the stuff I ask you to do, but, I swear I will only allow you to look gorgeous!

You will go to Lindsay's salon for  your hair and makeup.  This is a chance for the two of you to fine tune the look you want.

My style of shooting is organic/natural.  IK what look you're going for (lifestyle, natural, not posed).  Sara, my assistant, has your back as well.  Sara also shoots your BTS shots and videos, pullbacks (i.e. me photographing you, the locations, etc).  These are all part of your experience.  You and your momma will be tagged on Insta (and fb) as part of your session.  I encourage you to share with your friends to tell your story.

As far as changing....you can change in your vehicle (or mine) or in a restroom (if available).  Most vehicles have the back windows tinted so you should be fine 🙂  Once you change, Lindsay will be ready for your next look.  Oh, and a note on your hair and makeup (which we will go over during the planning stage) but just wanted to include here too....start with a natural look and hair down.  Lindsay will build from there.  I will have examples of natural vs glam makeup.  Your look(s) are all you.  Remember, she will ALWAYS make sure you look like you the entire time.

reveal & ordering session
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About two weeks after your session, we will get together for your Reveal!  This is where you will see your images for the first time! You will NOT be left with an on-line gallery to figure this out on your own. That would be totally unfair to you, plus, no one's got time for that.  This way makes everything easier, faster, and fun.  After you watch your slideshow, we will go thru each image and pic faves.  Your faves will not be the same as your parent(s) and that's totally ok and normal.  This is why albums are the most popular.

I will bring all artwork samples for you and your parent(s) to see and touch again.  This helps make the decision process a lot easier.  I'll have canvases and metals (they are pretty badass) so you can see what would look best on your walls.  I never ever try and push you into something you don't want.  You have already agreed to the minimum purchase so I am here to help you.

Reminder:  ALL decision makers MUST attend The Reveal & Ordering Session because this is when your order is placed.

artwork & collections
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Depending on the artwork purchased, it'll take about two-three weeks for everything to be delivered to me.  I'll make sure everything is perfect, then deliver your artwork to you.  If you've selected an album, I will send a proof of what I've designed.  You and your parent(s) will have the opportunity to make one set of changes.  Once you've signed off, the order will be placed.

**BTW, I do offer payment plans, just ask.