Study Tips That Will Help You Stay Focused

IDK about you but I have a hard time getting into focus and well, staying there.  My brain jumps around like I’m back on the recess playground jumping rope with my friends.  Sometimes double dutch! Try these study tips to help you stay focused so you will feel confident for finals.




You may feel like you dont have time to sleep, but it's one of (if not the most) important things you can do.  You know your body needs rest, so rest.  You’ll retain more info, be more focused, and you’ll be happier too!


Avoid the Urge to Procrastinate

In my head, I hear “pot calls kettle black”.  Yeah, I’ve always been a procrastinator too.  Feeling like your back is against the wall can sometimes feel like you get your shit done but the stress is a little much.  Especially for studying.  


Create a Study-Oriented Space

Do you just plop down wherever with your books, notes, laptop, pens and highlighters?  Your environment makes a huge difference!  Find somewhere comfy and quiet.  Try lighting a candle or a diffuser (peppermint is great for focus and keeps you more alert).  Also, pick a spot that’s not cluttered.  Maybe this is me but having clutter around makes me nuts.  Let family know you’ll be studying and not to disturb you.  Constant distractions break your concentration and your train of thought.   Oh yeah, don't have your phone on you either!  You can live w/o it for a couple hours!


Level Up Your Playlist

Did you know classical music is a great selection for studying?  And for concentration and focus.  “Researchers discovered that lectures involving classical background music prompted higher quiz scores than similar lectures that lacked such music.

The main theory underscoring these results: Music places students in a heightened emotional state that makes them far more receptive to information than they would be under ordinary circumstances. Experts at the Duke Cancer Institute also believe that music boosts retention because it reduces anxiety.”


I wanted to keep these study tips short and sweet so you can get back at it!  Good luck on your exams!!!! You got this!

Have a tip I missed?  LMK!



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