Six Tips for Taking Better Prom Pics

Eeek!  Prom was soo much fun!  Our prom is the inspiration for my Six Tips for Taking Better Prom Pics, because, well, they could’ve used my tips.

Julie-G-Photography-My-Prom-Picture-for-webThis isn’t a dis on Dicie’s dad’s photography skills, but, it’s a bit….funny.  Hello two dead grass spots.  Oh, and btw, I am the super white girl in the blue dress.  Dicie’s boyfriend was in the military, so, we decided to be each other’s prom date.

Anyway, let’s get to those tips!

#1.  Whoever is being photographed stands with the sun behind them.  This means the one taking the pics will be facing the sun.  I know this seems backwards, just remember my prom pic. haha.

#2.  Never stand facing directly at the camera.  It adds visual weight (and NONE of us want that). Lauren, you go girl with that sexy butt 🙂Julie-G-Photography-Prom

#3.  Do NOT crop at any joint.  Ugg, I see this all. the. time!  It’s ok to crop at the forearm (just not at their elbow or wrist) or the shin (just not at the knee or ankle).  Another example from our prom of what not to do (not sure why Dicie looks like she’s about to knock someones block off tho…probably the sun)


#4.  Crop tightly.  Meaning, don’t leave all kinds of space above the subject’s head.  The example above is perfectly cropped (expect for the wrist thing).

#5.  If posing a couple, have them touching .  Not full on, but, nicely. 😉



#6.  GUYS!  Do NOT put your hands in your pockets!  I still really love this shot and I think it works here.  Just keep in mind.


Having said aaall this, if you are interested in having me take your prom pics, so you don’t have to worry about remembering all this, get with me asap b/c I’m only one person and can only take a few sessions!


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