Setting Intentions

You already have intentions whether you realize it or not.

My intention to create and share this post was Sunday. Things didn’t work out as planned. So, what will my future intention for blog posts be?  To do them ahead of time and preschedule them.

Let’s be optimistic…

You wake up on a Saturday morning with the intention of
getting all the things on your to do list finished. By the end of the day you feel boss
because you crossed everything off your list! What a great feeling, right?! Your morning
intention may have been efficiency or accomplishment.

But, if your intentions remain unconscious, you’ll just be a victim of your own
circumstances. Flying by the seat of your pants or trying to catch up with life vs YOU
choosing where you go and what you do/create. The “poor me” or “it’s not my
fault” people come to mind. The ones that blame everything that happens on
someone or something else. Or those that hate their life, yet, do nothing to change it.
I think if they start by setting an intention (even if it’s one at a time) their situation
would improve. There is also something called Law of Attraction (I will do another
post on that next – it’s pretty crazy).


Most importantly,  an intention HAS to be positive.

You cant have an intention of “I’m going to get rid of all the shitty people in my life”…instead, your intention could be “I am surrounded by happy, positive people like myself”. I know it sounds kinda wussy but it works. The key is you HAVE to work to make it happen. Yes, you’re putting your intention into the universe, which helps, but you’ve also gotta do the work! Magic and work go together like peas and carrots.

So, how do we choose and set an intention?

First, you do not have to do this during a new moon. If you do decide to, light a candle.  Get out your journal. What are you grateful for?  This is also a great daily habit btw. If you’re having trouble figuring out what you want your intention to be, select a single word. In your journal, write down anything that comes to mind, whether it’s something you’re having trouble figuring out, your current situation, an opportunity, or something that interests you. Most importantly, write down what you want your desired outcome to be. Notice the things or feels that come up while writing. Is there a pattern?  Also, include feeling words. Once you figure out your  word, how can you put this feeling into practice. Once you’re finished, blow out your candle and walk away. 

As of this writing, my intention is organization. I will have my marketing plan organized.  I will know what to do when. This will include my social media posts, blog posts, website updates, and seniors ignite lessons in practice. 



Resource:  Being Boss by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson (they’ve got a great podcast too). Love them!

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