Session Details

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The day of your photo shoot, you’re welcome to arrive with your hair washed and dried from the night before, and a clean face. Moisturizer is a must, but please don’t use any other beauty products. Lindsay will be waiting for you at your arrival time to help you get glammed up.


This can be done one of two way....I can either go shopping with you and help you pick outfits or you can send me pics of you in the outfits and I chose that way.

You can wear multiple outfits for your photoshoot so you have photos for a variety of uses.  You could use them for social media, photos for your partner, gifts for your family, gift for YOURSELF--there so many reasons to have photos! Ideas: jeans, bodysuits, tanks, jackets, dresses, intimate apparel, stilettos, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, props, anything that has special meaning to you.

Depending on the session chosen, we will select two outfits for the one hour session and 3-4 outfits for the two hour session.  Prepping outfits this way will help you feel confident in your wardrobe choices and look forward to a stress-free day of pampering!



I’ll guide you every step of the way so you won’t need to worry about a thing. My job is to help you feel comfortable and enjoy the experience. We will start out fully clothed.  This will help you get used to being in front of the camera.  Each outfit change will be less and less clothing (to your comfort level).  As we're shooting, I’ll show you the back of my camera a few times so you know how beautifully your images are turning out.

So, let’s crank up that music and have some fun!  This is your day and I'm here to serve you. I want to erase any negative self talk you have. You are amazing and no detail is too small to make this a perfect day for you.

After your session, be sure to plan something fun that evening… because you’ll look gorgeous!

Social Squares

Premier Reveal + Ordering Session

Your viewing and ordering appointment will be within 1-2 weeks from your session date. The Reveal will take place at your home. This is an exciting day where you’ll be able to see your images for the very first time.  Be sure to set aside about an hour and get a sitter (it's best without littles running around) so you can enjoy selecting your beautiful images. Please have any decision makers with you. It’s recommended that they’re shown the Boudoir Magazine's pricing pages before the viewing.

First, we’ll go through each image individually and begin the selection process. Most clients choose to purchase an album or folio keepsake with multiple images.  I also offer wall art. I'll show you all artwork available and will help you decide what's best for you. Your portraits and artwork will be given the utmost care in additional design work and packaging. Payment is due at this appointment.  I do have payment plans (just ask).  Your order will be ready within 2-3 weeks once payment is made in full. (with the exception of November-December, this is the labs super busy season and timing may be extended).