Senior Guys

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Mom wants Senior pics, you couldnt care less


You will only have to 'suffer' for an hour


Senior pictures Mom AND, surprisingly, you will be happy with!

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client testimonial
from Dylan's mom, Suzy

I honestly understand where you're coming from.  Having your senior pictures done sounds about as fun as doing homework, going school clothes shopping, watching grass grow, or paint dry.  This isn't a 'guy' thing right?! You think your friends will make fun of you.  Well, honestly, they might.  My guess, if they do, they're just jealous at how fly you look (do you guys say that anymore? Probably not, I'm going with it anyway).

I can tell you this....if Momma wants senior photos, Momma gets senior photos.  You might as well suck it up buttercup and do it.  She's not going to let it go.  I may not be a mom, but, I'm a girl, and you know when we get something in our heads, we get it.

I promise to make your, well, her session as painless for you as possible.  We will get together and come up with a plan you both will be happy with.  Seriously.  Incorporating what you want, your interests, hobbies, etc will make Mom all the happier.  Why?  Because all of these things make up who you are!  Let's throw in your truck, car, Jeep, etc.  Or, hunting, gun collection, your flannel collection 😉

Speaking of flannels...I have a senior guy magazine that will help you two narrow down your session planning.  I'll be there too to keep the arguing to a minimum.  The magazine is here to help you know what to expect, location ideas, what to bring, what to wear, oh hey, you can bring your dog too! (just popped in my head).

Either you or your mom can sign up for the free guy magazine.  I'm sure she'll be the one reading it anyway.  But, if you're the planner type (if that's a thing for guys), then, you sign up and send mom a copy.