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An Experience and Portraits to Embrace Her Truest Self

She wants to grow up now!  You want her to stay little for a smidge longer.  I’ll help you both transition into accepting and appreciating who she is growing up to be with an experience and portraits to embrace her truest self.




"The session made me feel happy and mature, carefree, and fun."  Rylee


Becoming a Teen is Tough

  • Feels like she has too many rules - she wants to explore her independence
  • Doesn't want to feel like a little girl anymore - she wants the freedom to explore different parts of her style and personality
  • Always having siblings underfoot, being nosey, having to share - she wants something that's all hers.
How you feel your family pics will turn out
How you feel your family pics will turn out

Being a Parent is Tough Too 

  • Finding time and energy to get everyone ready for fam pics raises your anxiety to a whole new level - so you put it off another year
  • Your last family portraits you have...some kids are missing because they weren't born yet
  • Tired of the school pics...you've had enough of the fake "cheese" smile portraits.


Success!  We WILL get shots of everyone behaving ;)
Success! We WILL get shots of everyone behaving ;)
creating memories
  1. An experience to help build confidence
  2. Watch her blossom and grow with each session
  3. Enjoy knowing your daughter's having fun and creating memories
  4. Spend bonus time together (planning, traveling to and from, and during each session)
  5. Built in mini family session (short, sweet, easy)
  6. Quality heirloom artwork
  7. Social media sized images for sharing with family and friends

Her milestone is the perfect time to join the team!

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Remember what it felt like growing up?  Wanting to be included, wanting to feel confident, wanting to be accepted.  I feel these issues need to be addressed prior to high school.  Her younger years are crucial.  It’s when she starts to realize ppl are different, that she’s different.  Yes, it's true we all gravitate and trust ppl who are like us.  What I mean by being different, I want her to embrace each nuance of who she is and not try and copy someone.

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Three Easy Steps

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Have Fun

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Enjoy the Memories

  • include your fave images in a limited edition album
  • mini family session

"... it's like just a fun thing and we are taking pictures while we're doing it."   Rylee

"I liked working with you.  It wasn't boring and you always made it fun."  Macie

"Wow!  I will always treasure these amazing shots...I love them.  Cant thank you enough Julie."  Melissa (Rylee and Macie's mom)


At julie g photography, I know you want to be the cool mom.  One way to be the cool mom...you need to feel closer to your daughter with shared experiences.  The problem is she wants more freedom and independence, which makes you feel both happy and a little sad.  I believe creating experiences the two of you share will bring you two together.  I understand you want to keep her close, yet allow her to explore different aspects of her personality.  That’s why I created the jr team.  Here’s how it works, signup for the jr team VIP list, receive info on how the team works and its benefits, then join the team.  So, sign up now, so you can stop missing out on her journey and start creating memories the two of you will have forever!