Session retainers start at $150.  Includes professional hair & makeup (based on your style), your fitting appointment, and the photoshoot time. You will wear multiple outfits for your photoshoot so that you will have photos for a variety of uses. You could use them for social media, headshots for work, photos for your significant other, gifts for your family, just for you --there so many reasons to have photos!

You decide which photo collection you want to purchase when you see your fully edited photos during your photo viewing. You only purchase what you love. Photo collections start at $450 and go up from there. Modern and Classic Wall Art start at $500 and go up from there.  Collections purchased include the high resolution digital images.

katie on table
folio keepsake
Wall Art Katie
Wall Art Em

Not sure you're ready?  Have questions?  That's understandable.  Feel free to text or call me 513-658-6404.  Or, you can dm me too.