Dorm Life – Decor For Your Dorm Room

Move in day?  Need to refresh your room?  

Let's cozy up and get decor for your dorm room and make it more you.  Whether you live in the same dorm room all four years or you live somewhere off campus, you're still going to need all the things to make your spot cozy, functional, comfortable, and you.

I found a great way to get everything you need from Urban Outfitters.  They created an entire page dedicated to outfitting your dorm.  It's pretty sweet.  You can always use their page as inspo and find items elsewhere. - I'm not an affiliate nor an influencer for UO, just thought it would be helpful for you. 🙂

Things to think about

  • You'll probably get a little homesick now and then, don't forget to bring photos of your friends and family
  • The more 'You' you make your room, the more comfortable you'll feel
  • Remember, you're going to have a roommate, get to know her, she may be your newest bff
  • Also, get to know your RA, they took this job to be helpful, ask questions, become friends.
Dorm Room 4

Don't go batshit crazy and get allll the things.

You may not have room!  Remember, dorm rooms are always way smaller than you think.  Start out with essentials and a few things to personalize your space.  You can always add a lot easier than returning stuff (you know you won't).  😀

Have a small budget?

Try going to estate auctions.  They're awesome!  Pack your patience b/c it takes at least half the day to auction everything.  (My luck is what I want goes up last).  You can find some cool, unusual decor items.  And, you'll find blankets, bedding, dishes, lamps, literally anything!  Try  All you have to do is enter the zip code you want to search and it'll show you auctions within that area.  Full listings with images of items that will be auctioned off.  I use this all the time to decorate our cabin we've built to go off-grid.  I love reusing/repurposing.  It's always sustainable, items made in the USA (back in the olden days, most everything was made here).  That'll lead me down a rabbit hole you don't have time for, so, I'll stop there 😉

Send me pics of your finds and your room!

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