Date Night!


I thought this would be a fun idea to kick off the spirng and also to get back to normal life (post Covid)!  I've been researching ideas to make it easier for you guys to find fun ideas for Date Night!

Roller Skating!

I haven't done this in FOREVER! It's cheap and fun! There used to be one in Lawrenceburg.  My brother, counsin, and me used to go to all the time! My uncle would drop us off on Saturdays while he went and washed/waxed his GTO.

Outdoor Concerts!

OMG!  Fountain Square has lots of fun things to do!

Cincinnati & Northern KY Concert Series

RIverbend Music Center




You're never too young or old for an old fashioned picnic!  How adorable right!  Especially if your date sets it all up!  He would totally win like a million brownie points from me!  There are a ton of parks in Hamilton County. There's also a few in Franklin County, I love Brookville Towne Park!  It's my fav in Franklin County as a matter of fact.  Go down to the spillway by the trees.


I totally love bowling!  I'm a bit competitive, so, this would be right up my alley (cheap pun intended lol).

Brookville Lanes (no website or social media)

Harrison Bowl (no website or social media)

Durbin Bowl (Lawrenceburg IN - finally! a website-click link)

Dave (my hubby) and I will totally be going on a bowling date w/some friends soon!  Stay tuned for pics!!

Mini Golf!  

Dude!  Totally doing this too!  


I hope this gives you guys some great ideas for your next Date Night!  I know it has for me!


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