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Before we begin learning about the phases of the moon, crystals, etc and how to understand and use them to our advantage, I want you to know that I believe in God and only God.  Some of the research done includes paganism and a lot of what I call woo-woo stuff.  By taking what I’ve learned and apply it towards God.  I believe God gives life to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.  If what I’ve read says something like the sprit of the east, for instance, I believe it as God’s spirit.  That’s me and what I believe.  You may believe something totally different.  It’s not my place to tell you what’s right or wrong.  That’s why it’s called Belief.

New Moon
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I was totally confused by the difference between the Dark Moon and the New Moon.  Our every day calendars show a black dot, which means the New Moon. Whereas, other research states they’re two different phases. 

To me the Dark Moon and New Moon cant be the same thing.  I mean the Dark Moon isnt lit by the sun at all…hence Dark.  It makes sense to me to include the Dark Moon as the last phase.  Like going to sleep.,  Normally the last thing we do and it’s at night . The New Moon is the first phase.  It may not be lit in anway or show as a new sliver of light hitting it…like the sun rising. Hence New. 

In astronomy (our every day calendars) – there is no actual “dark moon”, though the moon is dark for a time each lunar month, in astronomy this dark period is called the New Moon. Also, in astronomy there are only four phases of the moon. New, First Quarter, Full Moon, and Last Quarter.

The first phase goes from the New Moon to First Quarter. This is called waxing (increasing-meaning the light on the moon is increasing).  Then First Quarter to Full.  Next is the Full Moon.  Lastly, it goes from Full to Last Quarter.  This is called waning (decreasing-meaning the light on the moon is decreasing).



The reason I’m starting this post at the Dark Moon (i.e. the end) is because it happens today/tonight! I want everyone to clear things that need to be gone (whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual).  This will clean the slate and get rid of all the bad vibes to start anew with the New Moon (which is tomorrow (Sunday)).


Did you know there are energies associated with each day of the week as well?  Me either!  I will save the details for another post, except for today (Saturday).  “Saturdays are associated with Saturn.  Saturday will give you a boost if you need to banish something.  It is associated with death but not necessarily physical death – it could be the death of something you want gone, or the end of something that serves no purpose in your life.  (This could be a someone too.)  Finances and real estate transactions can be in the spotlight on Saturday as well. Other things to include in your meditations are matters that you want to dismiss or that require protection from people, places, or things.  Also transformations and spiritual cleansing.  So sweep away that negativity from your mind!”  Moon Magic by Diane Ahlquist

What a coincidence (or is it?!  Maybe a little magic is already starting! <3) that today is Saturday AND a Dark Moon!?!  Both days are perfect for ridding ourselves of the physical, mental, or spiritual baggage!

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How do we do this? Meditating.  Do you/Have you ever meditated?

I’ve dabbled in it….I always fall asleep tho.  Every single book, website, etc harps on the helpfulness and positivity meditation brings.  I will try again.

We are going to do the General Dark Moon Meditation.  Maybe this will give us a boost in success!  Since the Dark Moon is for being at peace and contemplating things from our past that we are grateful are gone or that are going away.  It’s also a good time to gently plan the directions we want to go in life.  This is like getting ready to go out to dance.  We’ve gotta get in the right mind so we can boogie down.  We have to take a nap (meditating) since we will be out late. We have to choose what we’re going to wear (intention), then go out and dance like it’s our job (taking action towards our intention).

If you really want to get into it and make meditation an entire experience, start with taking a shower or bath.  A shower will saturate your body with calming negative ions, a bath will soak away muscle tension, leaving you cozy and relaxed.

Next, choose something comfortable to wear.  Whatever that is for you.  I live in yoga pants and tshirts/sweatshirts, and comfy socks.


Shake off stress. (Taylor Swift’s song just popped in my head)  We all know stress can really mess with us both physically and mentally, so try some de-stressing yoga moves.  Don’t ask me what those moves are – I have yet to learn yoga…I tried doing some moves on my own and hurt my knee.  If you’re not a yoga chick, shake your hands like you’re shaking off the negativity. Remember, everything is done with intention.



You can set the mood and create a relaxing space where you wont be distracted (those with kids and/or husbands around – good luck 😉 )  Light a candle and play some meditation music or sounds of nature to get into the zone. Now, start by sitting either on the floor or in a chair, whichever is most comfortable.  If in a chair, your legs are uncrossed and touching the floor. Hands can be resting on your knees with palms up.  If you have crystals, choose the one that grabs your attention (I think amethyst would be great).  Hold it and feel it do it’s thing thru and around you.



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This next part is from “Moon Magic”…

Recite out loud or to yourself:

“Tonight I am taking this time for reflection.  I also acknowledge and thank the resources I have known as my higher power…(state who they are or just leave it as “higher power”).  I am appreciative of the things I have had the courage to erase that were holding me back from accomplishments.”

After you reflect on what you asked, conclude by saying “Amen”, “And so it is,” “Blessed be,” “thank you,” or anything you feel comfortable with.


By releasing something from your mind, it gives you the grounding you need to start a new chapter.  Don’t forget about your past, but don’t dwell on it either. The “I don’t know what I was thinking” and the “I cant believe I was doing that” thoughts are okay for a while. But after that, you have to let go of past mistakes and look to what you can do better in the present and future. And that’s what the waning Moon is all about – letting go.


I hope this helps you get rid of some bad vibes, thoughts, and/or literal junk.  I will have another post about setting intentions for tomorrow’s New Moon.









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