Classy, Modern, and Mature Photo Shoot

Sam wanted a classy, modern, and mature shoot.  She wanted a field of flowers, graffiti’d wall, and horses.  Well, that’s a combo!  Luckily for me, I knew just the places for each of her requests.

Sammy Sammy Sammy…what a bright little star you are.  Full of spark and spunk, cleverness and intelligence, sweetness and fun.  This doll exudes confidence.  She’s a pretty good singer, and from what I hear, not too bad at acting either!

I just knew her session was going to be an absolute blast!   Knowing she had acted in plays at Colerain HS, she wouldn’t have any problem modeling for the camera.  I was right!  She was totally up for anything!

Classy country shoot with horses

Classy country shoot with horses

Connie and Ron are friends of mine and my husband.  They have Mo, who was our sidekick model.  Connie and Ron were happy to have us over for a photoshoot.  I have not been around horses, so, it took a little time for me to get used to Mo’s mannerisms and to let him get used to us, my camera, and the flash.  Sam had plenty of treats for him, so, he was more than accommodating 😉


Bonnell Railroad Bridge near Guilford Indiana Bonnell Railroad Bridge near Guilford Indiana

Modern Senior Shoot with Graffiti

Our next adventure

Across the way from our friend’s place is a large creek, running through that creek is the road! (Oh, Indiana how I love you.)  Once you cross the creek (driving or walking), you come to this cool railroad bridge overpass.  Under this overpass is nothing but graffiti’d walls.  The first time I saw this area, I fell in love.


Mature shot of Sam in the flower field


Our friend also has a large open field with lots of flowers and he was kind enough to mow a path for us to easily walk through!  We did, however, run out of daylight.  This was a bummer, but, we had to work with what we had!  I think they turned out pretty good!





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