Cierra's session included an eclectic mix of boho to grunge. Spunk, fun, and an authentic custom session for her senior pics.

Cierra's Session

You'll be able to tell soon how spunky Cierra is.  She def does her own thing.  Her spark, individuality, and vibe is so contagious.  Cierra chose The IMAGE Session to show her many sides.  By including different vibes, her shoot was eclectic yet still cohesive.

Cierra's Session

Helping C plan her was fun.  I love that she wanted to include a few different genres of outfits.  All of which fit in perfectly at my favorite place to shoot. Brookville!  IK, who would've thought.  Brookville has a wide range of options.  Architecture, river, beach, lake, wild flower fields, parks, the street.  And giving her something different, even tho I've shot many clients in town, helped her session stand out from others.

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