Chelsea’s Boudoir Session


Chelsea's Boudoir Session

Chels wanted to surprise her fiancé, Dustin, with an album of her boudoir session on their wedding day.  These are some of her favorite images.


Chelsea took me shopping with her for her perfect lingerie at her favorite place, Victoria's Secret.  She wanted pieces that she could wear all the time, so, we decided on a set.  Plus, a bralette.  The one piece we found at, believe it or not, Forever21.

Now that she had her look, we were ready to start planning!  Chels is laid back, bubbly, and always happy so incorporating her personality into her session was super important.  She wanted sexy, yet, an everyday look that Dustin knows all too well. 🙂

I asked her to send me examples of images that she had in mind so I knew what she wanted.  This was her session, not mine, and bringing what she envisioned to life.

We planned out her session with what she would wear in order so we were efficient with out studio time.  Plus, I'm a planner and like to have everything planned to keep my brain happy.  Also, knowing what to expect when helps with clients nerves.

During her session, we laughed a lot.  Even though I'm a planner, I like to go with the flow.  Let our time together evolve and be creative.  Like "oh, let's try this...or...what if we did this" type poses.  Chels also got into posing ideas too (which I LOVED).  We seriously could've spent all day shooting!

A week or so after her session it was time for her reveal!  She loved them all.  I helped her narrow down her images to fit into Dustin's album.

On their wedding day, she had his album sent to him.  HE LOVED IT.  He even thanked me.  That got me a little choked up.

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