Environmental Boudoir Portraiture

Fashion-inspired, Modern, Magazine Worthy Sessions

My boudoir sessions are a hybrid between conventional boudoir and fashion photography.  Who says fashion shoots are just for high school seniors?!  Let's adult the experience up by combining boudoir and glam.  Yes, you can hang artwork in your home.  Hello, bedroom!  What better way to wake up and the first thing you see is your bombass, sexy self!  Got kids?  NP, hang rate G artwork and save the rated PG13/R versions for an album or Folio Keepsake.  Keep it tucked away in your nightstand.  You or your significant other travel out of town a lot?  Take the album along! 

Be proud of who you are, where you've been, and where you're going

Boudoir-By-Julie-G-Photography katie pop pose
boudoir-by-julie-g-photography-em couch
youre beautiful right now

Taking the stress out of having photos taken.

"I'm not photogenic."  “I’m too old.” “No one wants to see that.” “I need to lose 20 lbs first.” “I don’t have someone to give the pictures to.” “Maybe some day.”   “I wouldn’t even know what to wear.” “I don’t feel sexy.”   Let’s push aside those insecurities and do something totally empowering. To witness a woman see her photos for the first time, and break down in happy tears, is incredibly rewarding. That moment she truly sees herself and realizes she’s listened to the voice in her head for too long.

I promise you my photo shoots are easy and fun and it is an experience you will never forget.

Lindsay will take care of your hair & makeup.  I'll help you decide what to wear based on your personal style and you will end up with the most beautiful photos you have ever seen of yourself.

kylie boudoir 3
Boudoir-By-Julie-G-Photography-Em in front of window
Boudoir-By-Julie-G-Photography-Katie against wall
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Boudoir-by-julie-g-photography-em testimonial

I've never felt comfortable in front of the camera but Julie made me feel like the hottest model there is!  If you need a boudoir session this girl will nail it!!! I PROMISE!  She makes you feel comfy.

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