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Be proud of who you are, where you've been, and where you're going

This is your moment.  Your moment away from the hectic day to day.  Relax and enjoy being a woman as Lindsay, your hair and makeup artist, and I pamper you.  This experience will uplift your mind and spirit, allowing your confidence to shine through. 


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youre beautiful right now

Taking the stress out of having photos taken.

"I'm not photogenic."  “I’m too old.” “No one wants to see that.” “I need to lose 20 lbs first.” “I don’t have anyone to give the pictures to.” “Maybe some day.”   “I wouldn’t even know what to wear.” “I don’t feel sexy.”   Let’s push aside those insecurities and do something totally empowering. To witness a woman see her photos for the first time, and break down in happy tears, is incredibly rewarding. That moment she truly sees herself and realizes she’s listened to the voice in her head for too long.

Let's go over the above excuses.

"I'm not photogenic"  Wrong camera angle was probably used or an unflattering pose.

"I'm too old" says who?  You?  How is there an age limit on portraits?!  If you've not had one done in awhile, this is all the more reason.  Your family would like to have portraits of you to look back on.  Just imagine your daughter showing her daughter how brave and confident you were 'back in the day'.  Think about all of those old fashioned portraits - gorgeous.

"No one wants to see that"  See what?  your beautiful self.  Why not do this session for yourself?  (Katie did - haha no pun intended).

"I need to lose 20 lbs first" Sure, we all want to lose weight before this or that.  If we wait until everything is absolutely perfect, that time will never happen.  There will always be some excuse.  #justdoit as Nike would say.  I know lots and lots of camera angles.  just sayin

"I don't have anyone to give the pictures to".  Um, yourself!  I know what you're thinking...why would I want pics of myself?  I ask why not?  Give me one good reason.  You'll say b/c it's weird having pictures of myself hanging up.  Think about have THE best shot of yourself ever...wouldnt you want to see/be reminded every day?  ooof course! Hang it in your bedroom.  It's not like you're making a shrine or anything.  But, hey, if that's your thing, go for it.  It's your room, not mine.

"I wouldn't know what to wear"  That's easy, I help every single client figure out what to wear.  Next excuse...

"I don't feel sexy"  Well, I will help you with that.  Poses, outfits, music, mood, location, allllll goes into getting the vibe goin.

I promise you my photo shoots are easy and fun and it is an experience you will never forget.

Lindsay will take care of your hair & makeup.  I'll help you decide what to wear based on your personal style and you will end up with the most beautiful photos you have ever seen of yourself.

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Boudoir-By-Julie-G-Photography-Em in front of window
Boudoir-By-Julie-G-Photography-Katie against wall
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I've never felt comfortable in front of the camera but Julie made me feel like the hottest model there is!  If you need a boudoir session this girl will nail it!!! I PROMISE!  She makes you feel comfy.

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