Back To School Hair and Makeup Tips


I am excited to have Lindsay, owner of Hair by Lindsay K do a guest blog about hair and makeup tips.  She and I are not only friends, but she is also the hair and makeup queen for Julie G Photography!



1.  SALON PRODUCTS- Always avoid using drugstore shampoos & conditioners. While these products do contain some of the same ingredients found in salon products, there are only small traces of them. Most of these cheaper brands are made up almost entirely of “fillers”, which can leave your hair feeling silky and soft, but will eventually leave a plastic-feeling buildup on your hair, and dehydrate it severely. Salon grade products are definitely worth the money!!

2.  USING CONDITIONER PROPERLY- Unless you have a really dry scalp, avoid putting conditioner anywhere near your roots. You will see the best results if you only apply conditioner from the mid shaft to ends of your hair (or the bottom 3/4).

3. HOW TO ACHIEVE VOLUME- Apply a root lifter to the very top sections of your hair, then lift and separate hair while blow drying. Blow drying the hair upwards will “rough up” the cuticle layer of the hair, causing it to stand high, while blow drying at a downward angle will create smoothness.

4. PILLOWCASES- Sleeping on silk pillowcases helps prevent split ends and breakage, and also helps decrease the amount of bed head you wake up with! Also remember, if you are trying out a new fashion color with your stylist, to always sleep on an old or black pillowcase the first few nights because these colors tend to bleed onto them!

5. FLYAWAYS AND BABY HAIR- Tame those awful flyways and baby hairs by simply spraying a toothbrush with hairspray and brushing hair into place. They will stay put all day!

6. BOBBY PINS- Keep Bobby pins in place by spraying them with hairspray before placing them into your hair. Also, make sure to tuck them in, wavy side down!

7. CURLING HAIR- To create a fuller looking effect, rotate the angles at which the curls are forming. Example: place one curl in toward face, then the next away from the face. Also never take a section to curl that is bigger than the barrel you are using!



LIQUID FOUNDATION- Store in a cool, dry place. This can be kept up to 1 year, as long as it is kept sealed tightly. NEVER use fingers to apply, only a one time use makeup sponge or brush! The oil from your hands will cause breakouts!

POWDER- Can be kept from 18 months-2 years safely. If powder is discolored or has a bad smell, throw out immediately!

LIP GLOSS/LIPSTICK- These products can be kept from 6 months to 1 year.

MASCARA/EYELINER- Replace these products every 3-4 months, due to the amount of bacteria they are exposed to. They have the shortest shelf life.

CREAM EYESHADOWS- Throw these out after 6 months. The water content in these products makes them more susceptible to bacteria, which can cause infections!

POWDER EYESHADOWS/BLUSH- These products both have low water content, which makes them fairly safe to keep around for a longer period of time. Safety wise, you only need to discard these after every 2 years.

Lindsay and I would love to hear which tips you found most helpful!

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