Back to School Fashion Tips and Tricks

Cierra with BohoChic Boutique to guest blog about Back to School Fashion Tips and Tricks.  I thought she’d be the perfect one to help get you guys back in the groove of going back to school.


CierraHello ladies!  My name is Cierra Withers, owner of BohoChic Boutique.  I’m going to chat with you guys about back to school shopping and how to get the best bang for your buck.  As well as how to dress for your body type + hide some of your problem areas in a trendy way!

When you get a job at 15, momma teaches you how to spend your own money (whether you like it or not).  I was ALL ABOUT finding key, staple pieces that could be mixed + matched with multiple things so that one item was the key piece in 4-5 different outfits.  The most obvious staple piece is a jean jacket.  Here are 4 different outfit scenarios using a jean jacket to tie everything together and make the outfit perfect


  1. Black denim jeans, sandals or riding boots (depending on the season), flowy or fitted top (whatever your style is), curled hair, earring studs, statement necklace + the jean jacket.
  2. Maxi dress, dangle necklace, sandals or booties (depending on the season), high pony tail, dangle earrings + the jean jacket.
  3. Palazzo pants, wedges (open or closed toed depending on the season), tank top, statement necklace, dangle earrings, top knot + the jean jacket.
  4. Knee length ruffled dress, strappy flats, dangle earrings, curled hair with half up in top knot + the jean jacket.

All four of those scenarios work with the same jean jacket to fully create that perfect outfit,  giving you four completely different looks.  Staple pieces are KEY to having the best wardrobe.

Dressing Correctly For Your Body Type

To be honest, I’m probably not the best to give advice on this topic because although I know all the “rules”, I rarely follow them. My wardrobe consists of flowy tops and dresses on top of flowy tops and dresses.  BUT, according to the ‘rule book’, these are the guidelines for accentuating the correct parts of your body type:

1 Thin with Minimal Curves – you’re going to want to wear things with an empire waist, or even a drop waist.  Clothing that kind of creates those curves for you are going to make it appear like you have more curves than you really do.  If you’re more into the flowy look, you can sometimes belt your flowy dresses to create that singed-in waist.

2 Thin But Curvy – you are going to look great in just about everything.  Even though you’re thin, you’re going to want to make sure you’re wearing the correct SIZE!  There are so many thin, curvy girls who think because they’re thin they should be a size 0 or 2 so they’re squeezing into those sizes and completely “deflating” their natural curves.  No one sees the tag inside your clothes – if you look like a size 2 but need a 5 because you have a booty, go with a 5 so that you’re accentuating your curves correctly.

3 Thick With Minimal Curves – you’re going to want to head more in the direction of fitted clothing.  9 times out of 10 if you’re wearing a flowy dress/shirt and you don’t have any curves to pull in the flowy-ness where it looks best, you’re going to appear larger than you are.  Again, another scenario where if you like the look of flowy clothing more, you can always add a belt to create the waist line.

4 Thick + Curvy (this is where I fall) girls who are thicker in all areas, but also have defined curves in their legs, butt, hips and waist, obviously look good in fitted clothing (sometimes I beg to differ for myself but this is what the rule book says).  They can also easily pull off the flowy look.  Girls who are thick with curves have the body type that allows the flowy clothing to lay on their curves and still show some shape.  If they didn’t have the curves, they would appear larger than they are.  Again, always nice to add a belt to flowy clothing to tie in the waist line even more.

I hope these “rules” helped you!  At the end of the day you are beautiful no matter what type of shirt/dress you’re wearing.


There are three areas that are nine times out of 10 the problem areas for most: arms, thighs + stomach.

My arms are a huge problem for me.  I almost always throw a trendy cardigan over anything with sleeves or spaghetti straps.  It doesn’t take away from the outfit because the cardigan is cute.  It makes me feel more comfortable and makes my arms appear smaller.  I usually stick with tops/dresses that have some sort of sleeve though.  My stomach is also a problem area for me, so if I wear anything relatively fitted I always throw a jean jacket, kimono or cardigan over it.  It gives me the fitted look underneath but also allows me to hide some of it if I want to.

If your thighs are a problem area, I suggest longer shirts.  Longer shirts are SO IN right now, or adding lace/ruffled extenders to shorter shirts.  Adding that length will still give you a trendy outfit but hide your area.

I hope this blog post helped you with a few concerns heading back to school.  Be sure to head over to my website BohoChic Boutique and get your one-of-a-kind goodies, that only you will have walking the halls this year.

Before I go I want to encourage you hear the phrase “Beautiful Modesty” and take to hear what it says.  You are beautiful and you are loved by the one true King.  You are His princess and He delights in you!  Your body is a temple, and your identity should be in Him.  You can be the best dressed girl at school and still glorify God with what you’re wearing (I was! I have the award to prove it!)

I’m going to leave you with what I always said in high school that got me thru the long, boring days.  School is just one big fashion show, where the halls are my catwalk and my peers are my fans!


BohoChic Boutique

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