Meet Ashley.  She wanted it all!  Fields, creeks, city, flowers.  She chose the Be SEEN Experience, which is three hours, unlimited everything.  We started with the fields and creeks.  Her romper is so stinkin cute.  It's from American Eagle.


We went to The Banks next.  The Roebling Suspension Bridge was closed to traffic for restoration/preservation so we were able to shoot on the bridge without worrying about getting smooshed.  We almost had a casualty...I dropped one of my lenses thru a grate.  It fell probably 30 feet.  Luckily, it landed in the grass and wasn't hurt.  Nikon makes some super tough lenses!

We also stopped by Longworth Hall (the shot on the right).  This was an unexpected stop.  I saw it and immediately wanted to add it to our itinerary.  I had Ash walk and walk while I shot her from different angles.  Movement is what helps gives authenticity to your images.  I do like to include some posed shots b/c well, sometimes a scene screams out for one.


Ashley and her parents chose this image as a 16x24 Metal print.  This was by far all of ours favorite shots.

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Dark Moon vs New Moon

Before we begin learning about the phases of the moon, crystals, etc and how to understand and use them to our advantage, I want you to know that I believe in God and only God.  Some of the research done includes paganism and a lot of what I call woo-woo stuff.  By taking what I’ve learned and apply it towards God.  I believe God gives life to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.  If what I’ve read says something like the sprit of the east, for instance, I believe it as God’s spirit.  That’s me and what I believe.  You may believe something totally different.  It’s not my place to tell you what’s right or wrong.  That’s why it’s called Belief.

New Moon
Image by Ponciano from Pixabay


I was totally confused by the difference between the Dark Moon and the New Moon.  Our every day calendars show a black dot, which means the New Moon. Whereas, other research states they’re two different phases. 

To me the Dark Moon and New Moon cant be the same thing.  I mean the Dark Moon isnt lit by the sun at all…hence Dark.  It makes sense to me to include the Dark Moon as the last phase.  Like going to sleep.,  Normally the last thing we do and it’s at night . The New Moon is the first phase.  It may not be lit in anway or show as a new sliver of light hitting it…like the sun rising. Hence New. 

In astronomy (our every day calendars) – there is no actual “dark moon”, though the moon is dark for a time each lunar month, in astronomy this dark period is called the New Moon. Also, in astronomy there are only four phases of the moon. New, First Quarter, Full Moon, and Last Quarter.

The first phase goes from the New Moon to First Quarter. This is called waxing (increasing-meaning the light on the moon is increasing).  Then First Quarter to Full.  Next is the Full Moon.  Lastly, it goes from Full to Last Quarter.  This is called waning (decreasing-meaning the light on the moon is decreasing).



The reason I’m starting this post at the Dark Moon (i.e. the end) is because it happens today/tonight! I want everyone to clear things that need to be gone (whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual).  This will clean the slate and get rid of all the bad vibes to start anew with the New Moon (which is tomorrow (Sunday)).


Did you know there are energies associated with each day of the week as well?  Me either!  I will save the details for another post, except for today (Saturday).  “Saturdays are associated with Saturn.  Saturday will give you a boost if you need to banish something.  It is associated with death but not necessarily physical death – it could be the death of something you want gone, or the end of something that serves no purpose in your life.  (This could be a someone too.)  Finances and real estate transactions can be in the spotlight on Saturday as well. Other things to include in your meditations are matters that you want to dismiss or that require protection from people, places, or things.  Also transformations and spiritual cleansing.  So sweep away that negativity from your mind!”  Moon Magic by Diane Ahlquist

What a coincidence (or is it?!  Maybe a little magic is already starting! <3) that today is Saturday AND a Dark Moon!?!  Both days are perfect for ridding ourselves of the physical, mental, or spiritual baggage!

Image by Activedia on Pixabay

How do we do this? Meditating.  Do you/Have you ever meditated?

I’ve dabbled in it….I always fall asleep tho.  Every single book, website, etc harps on the helpfulness and positivity meditation brings.  I will try again.

We are going to do the General Dark Moon Meditation.  Maybe this will give us a boost in success!  Since the Dark Moon is for being at peace and contemplating things from our past that we are grateful are gone or that are going away.  It’s also a good time to gently plan the directions we want to go in life.  This is like getting ready to go out to dance.  We’ve gotta get in the right mind so we can boogie down.  We have to take a nap (meditating) since we will be out late. We have to choose what we’re going to wear (intention), then go out and dance like it’s our job (taking action towards our intention).

If you really want to get into it and make meditation an entire experience, start with taking a shower or bath.  A shower will saturate your body with calming negative ions, a bath will soak away muscle tension, leaving you cozy and relaxed.

Next, choose something comfortable to wear.  Whatever that is for you.  I live in yoga pants and tshirts/sweatshirts, and comfy socks.


Shake off stress. (Taylor Swift’s song just popped in my head)  We all know stress can really mess with us both physically and mentally, so try some de-stressing yoga moves.  Don’t ask me what those moves are – I have yet to learn yoga…I tried doing some moves on my own and hurt my knee.  If you’re not a yoga chick, shake your hands like you’re shaking off the negativity. Remember, everything is done with intention.



You can set the mood and create a relaxing space where you wont be distracted (those with kids and/or husbands around – good luck 😉 )  Light a candle and play some meditation music or sounds of nature to get into the zone. Now, start by sitting either on the floor or in a chair, whichever is most comfortable.  If in a chair, your legs are uncrossed and touching the floor. Hands can be resting on your knees with palms up.  If you have crystals, choose the one that grabs your attention (I think amethyst would be great).  Hold it and feel it do it’s thing thru and around you.



Image by stux on Pixabay

This next part is from “Moon Magic”…

Recite out loud or to yourself:

“Tonight I am taking this time for reflection.  I also acknowledge and thank the resources I have known as my higher power…(state who they are or just leave it as “higher power”).  I am appreciative of the things I have had the courage to erase that were holding me back from accomplishments.”

After you reflect on what you asked, conclude by saying “Amen”, “And so it is,” “Blessed be,” “thank you,” or anything you feel comfortable with.


By releasing something from your mind, it gives you the grounding you need to start a new chapter.  Don’t forget about your past, but don’t dwell on it either. The “I don’t know what I was thinking” and the “I cant believe I was doing that” thoughts are okay for a while. But after that, you have to let go of past mistakes and look to what you can do better in the present and future. And that’s what the waning Moon is all about – letting go.


I hope this helps you get rid of some bad vibes, thoughts, and/or literal junk.  I will have another post about setting intentions for tomorrow’s New Moon.









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Back to School Fashion Tips and Tricks

Cierra with BohoChic Boutique to guest blog about Back to School Fashion Tips and Tricks.  I thought she’d be the perfect one to help get you guys back in the groove of going back to school.


CierraHello ladies!  My name is Cierra Withers, owner of BohoChic Boutique.  I’m going to chat with you guys about back to school shopping and how to get the best bang for your buck.  As well as how to dress for your body type + hide some of your problem areas in a trendy way!

When you get a job at 15, momma teaches you how to spend your own money (whether you like it or not).  I was ALL ABOUT finding key, staple pieces that could be mixed + matched with multiple things so that one item was the key piece in 4-5 different outfits.  The most obvious staple piece is a jean jacket.  Here are 4 different outfit scenarios using a jean jacket to tie everything together and make the outfit perfect


  1. Black denim jeans, sandals or riding boots (depending on the season), flowy or fitted top (whatever your style is), curled hair, earring studs, statement necklace + the jean jacket.
  2. Maxi dress, dangle necklace, sandals or booties (depending on the season), high pony tail, dangle earrings + the jean jacket.
  3. Palazzo pants, wedges (open or closed toed depending on the season), tank top, statement necklace, dangle earrings, top knot + the jean jacket.
  4. Knee length ruffled dress, strappy flats, dangle earrings, curled hair with half up in top knot + the jean jacket.

All four of those scenarios work with the same jean jacket to fully create that perfect outfit,  giving you four completely different looks.  Staple pieces are KEY to having the best wardrobe.

Dressing Correctly For Your Body Type

To be honest, I’m probably not the best to give advice on this topic because although I know all the “rules”, I rarely follow them. My wardrobe consists of flowy tops and dresses on top of flowy tops and dresses.  BUT, according to the ‘rule book’, these are the guidelines for accentuating the correct parts of your body type:

1 Thin with Minimal Curves – you’re going to want to wear things with an empire waist, or even a drop waist.  Clothing that kind of creates those curves for you are going to make it appear like you have more curves than you really do.  If you’re more into the flowy look, you can sometimes belt your flowy dresses to create that singed-in waist.

2 Thin But Curvy – you are going to look great in just about everything.  Even though you’re thin, you’re going to want to make sure you’re wearing the correct SIZE!  There are so many thin, curvy girls who think because they’re thin they should be a size 0 or 2 so they’re squeezing into those sizes and completely “deflating” their natural curves.  No one sees the tag inside your clothes – if you look like a size 2 but need a 5 because you have a booty, go with a 5 so that you’re accentuating your curves correctly.

3 Thick With Minimal Curves – you’re going to want to head more in the direction of fitted clothing.  9 times out of 10 if you’re wearing a flowy dress/shirt and you don’t have any curves to pull in the flowy-ness where it looks best, you’re going to appear larger than you are.  Again, another scenario where if you like the look of flowy clothing more, you can always add a belt to create the waist line.

4 Thick + Curvy (this is where I fall) girls who are thicker in all areas, but also have defined curves in their legs, butt, hips and waist, obviously look good in fitted clothing (sometimes I beg to differ for myself but this is what the rule book says).  They can also easily pull off the flowy look.  Girls who are thick with curves have the body type that allows the flowy clothing to lay on their curves and still show some shape.  If they didn’t have the curves, they would appear larger than they are.  Again, always nice to add a belt to flowy clothing to tie in the waist line even more.

I hope these “rules” helped you!  At the end of the day you are beautiful no matter what type of shirt/dress you’re wearing.


There are three areas that are nine times out of 10 the problem areas for most: arms, thighs + stomach.

My arms are a huge problem for me.  I almost always throw a trendy cardigan over anything with sleeves or spaghetti straps.  It doesn’t take away from the outfit because the cardigan is cute.  It makes me feel more comfortable and makes my arms appear smaller.  I usually stick with tops/dresses that have some sort of sleeve though.  My stomach is also a problem area for me, so if I wear anything relatively fitted I always throw a jean jacket, kimono or cardigan over it.  It gives me the fitted look underneath but also allows me to hide some of it if I want to.

If your thighs are a problem area, I suggest longer shirts.  Longer shirts are SO IN right now, or adding lace/ruffled extenders to shorter shirts.  Adding that length will still give you a trendy outfit but hide your area.

I hope this blog post helped you with a few concerns heading back to school.  Be sure to head over to my website BohoChic Boutique and get your one-of-a-kind goodies, that only you will have walking the halls this year.

Before I go I want to encourage you hear the phrase “Beautiful Modesty” and take to hear what it says.  You are beautiful and you are loved by the one true King.  You are His princess and He delights in you!  Your body is a temple, and your identity should be in Him.  You can be the best dressed girl at school and still glorify God with what you’re wearing (I was! I have the award to prove it!)

I’m going to leave you with what I always said in high school that got me thru the long, boring days.  School is just one big fashion show, where the halls are my catwalk and my peers are my fans!


BohoChic Boutique

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Date Night!



I thought this would be a fun idea to kick off the summer! (yeah, I know I’m a touch late). Anyway, I’ve been researching ideas to make it easier for you guys to find fun ideas for Date Night! July 6th, is International Kissing Day so pucker up and get ready for a great date! 🙂

Roller Skating!

I haven’t done this in FOREVER! It’s cheap and fun! There used to be one in Lawrenceburg.  My brother, counsin, and me used to go to all the time! My uncle would drop us off on Saturdays while he went and washed/waxed his GTO. I don’t think that one is open anymore but I did find one in Western Hills! Friday Nights 7:00 pm – 11:30 pm –$8.00 1st session – 7:00 – 9:30 — $6.00 2nd session – 9:00 – 11:30 — $6.00 Saturday Nights 7:00 – 10:00 $6.00

Western Rollarama, 5166 Crookshank Road, Cincinnati, OH 45238

Outdoor Concerts!

OMG!  Fountain Square as Salsa on the Square on Tuesday nights!!  Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do something like this?!  My husband on the other hand will NOT do it (he’s a turd).

Fountain Square has different styles of music every Saturday night from 7:00-11:00. Some of the dates are TBA so keep this link for updates.

I found this link that shows concert events all over (Riverbend, US Bank, etc)  Carrie Underwood and Easton Corbin!!!  <3 <3 <3

Brookville Towne Park


You’re never too young or old for an old fashioned picnic!  How darling right!  Especially if your date sets it all up!  He would totally win like a million brownie points from me!  There are a ton of parks in Hamilton County. There’s also a few in Franklin County, I love Brookville Towne Park!  It’s my fav in Franklin County as a matter of fact.  Go down to the spillway by the trees.  How romantic!


I totally love bowling!  I’m a bit competitive, so, this would be right up my alley (cheap pun intended lol). and

Dave (my hubby) and I will totally be going on a bowling date w/some friends soon!  Stay tuned for pics!!

Mini Golf!  

Dude!  Totally doing this too!

I hope this gives you guys some great ideas for your next Date Night!  I know it has for me!

Date Night
Dave and me 🙂 <3

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Cierra's session included an eclectic mix of boho to grunge. Spunk, fun, and an authentic custom session for her senior pics.


You'll be able to tell soon how spunky Cierra is.  She def does her own thing.  Her spark, individuality, and vibe is so contagious.  Cierra chose The IMAGE Session to show her many sides.  By including different vibes, her shoot was eclectic yet still cohesive.


Helping C plan her was fun.  I love that she wanted to include such a genre of outfits.  All of which fit in perfectly at my favorite place to shoot. Brookville!  IK, who would've thought.  Brookville has a wide range of options.  Architecture, river, beach, lake, wild flower fields, parks, the street.  And giving her something different, even tho I've shot many clients in town, helps her session stand out from others.

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Who Are You?

Discovering who you are can be difficult.

It’s a life long journey. I think it gets easier after high school.  I do not envy you guys who are still in school!  The drama!  Ugh!  Thinking about being back in school stresses me out.

Back then, I found guys to be much less dramatic so they became my close friends.  I still had girls that were friends, but only a few.  After high school, my circle of friends became smaller because I obviously had trust issues (still struggle with).  I think that’s why I became shy and quiet…that way I can observe people and see if they’re ‘my’ people.  Which seems to be working because I never have drama!!

I did some research and found a few questions for you to answer to help you figure yourself out!

These questions came from Tiny Buddha.

  1. What or who would you be if you knew you couldn’t fail?  What an awesome question!  Failure terrifies the shit outta me! So, if I had 0% failure factor who/what would I be?  A photographer of course.  I am working towards that goal every.  Single.  Day.  Photography is my first thought in the morning and the last thought before I go to sleep.  I am working towards becoming a full time photographer.   It is taking longer than expected, but, that always happens. I think things should just POOF ? happen!
  2. What is your ninety-second personal elevator speech?  Think of this like you’re meeting a new friend and they want to get to know you.  What would you tell them?  That’s your elevator speech!  Mine would be something like..I am a dog lover, always for the underdog, try and see the good in everyone, empathetic, try to be kind to everyone, a treehugger (what my hubs calls me), recycler of everything,  buy Made In The USA as much as possible, support small businesses (even if it costs more).
  3. What are your core personal values?  “Personal values are the things that you believe are important in the way you live. They give you a reference for what is good, beneficial, important, useful, desirable, and constructive. Once you are able to determine exactly what values are most important to you, you can better determine your priorities”.  I think #3 is very close to your elevator pitch..
  4. What makes you genuinely happy?  “For example, if family is one of your core personal values, will taking a job that involves tons of travel make you happy?.”   For family, friends, and  our furkids.
  5. If money were no object, how would you live your life differently?  “Many people equate happiness and success directly to the amount of money they have. How many times have you heard someone say, “If I hit the lottery, I’d…”But remember, this question isn’t really about money at all. It’s more about thinking outside the limits we tend to put on our aspirations and actions because things seem out of our reach financially.  You may not be able to do those exact things, but once you know what those true desires are, you expand your thinking and begin to develop a plan to work towards goals you may have never imagined possible.”  For me…hmmm…? I would def be a full time photographer, have an animal rescue foundation,  cute little farm house to decorate with lots of acreage for photoshoots.  I’m sure this question means to dig deeper, but, these were my first thoughts and I ain’t got all day  plus, I’m not a deep thinker.

I know these are tough questions, especially if you’re still in school, but think of how much further ahead you are already!  The big thing to remember is your answers to these questions will alter a bit, and that’s ok!  That means you’re growing!!

Happy traveling down YOUR life’s path!




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Shy Much?


Today, I ask

Are you Shy Much?

For me, yes, I am.  Once I get to know you tho, I’m good.  Dave (the hubs) is the exact opposite and can carry on a convo with anyone anywhere.  When we go somewhere I won’t know anyone, he doesn’t understand my nervousness.  I don’t know what to talk to a stranger about!  How do you even get started? When I know there’s common ground, I don’t have a problem, it’s when I absolutely don’t know anything about someone is when I clam up.    When someone does strike up a convo with me, sometimes I am a goofball and answer stupidly (because I’m a nerd too – hello!! I was in the marching band!  lol).

When I was in high school, it was super tough!  From 1st to 8th grade I went to a catholic school.  Had my group of friends that’d I’d known for forever.  Then, came high school.  Holy shit!  My little world was no more.  All of my grade school friends went to catholic high schools except me and like two other girls.  So, here I am starting a brand new school knowing those two girls and my two cousins.  My cousins took me under their wings and helped me.  They were in the marching band and talked me into joining.  You wanna know the crazy part?!  I had never played an instrument in my entire life.  No clue how to read music.  Nothing.  I still can’t believe I did that.  Talk about difficult!! I did meet some great people tho.

So, how can I help you when I am still struggling?

I did some research!  Most of it was stupid, but, I did find a few bits of helpful info.  As you read these tips, remember, all you have to do is try!  7 Ways to Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety if from World of Psychology.  I figured “why reinvent the wheel”!  I picked the ones that really hit home for me.  After each Way, I’ll add my opinion and experience.  Just click the link above to read all 7 ways 🙂

Act Confidently – Julie-G-Photography-Vegas-2016-4

Confidence comes through action, learning, practice, and mastery. Remember when you learned how to ride a bike? It was terrifying at first, but after you just went for it and tried it, you got it, and felt confident. Social confidence works the same way.  Feeling anxious is not the problem; avoiding social interactions is the problem.”  Avoiding social interaction is def my game.  Staying at home with the pups and a book are all I need.  I’ve made progress after joining Seniors Ignite.  I ventured to Vegas for a photoshoot.  Talk about unfamiliar and nerve-wracking!  None of us really knew each other except thru our private FB group.  Everyone was amazing.  It was like we have known each other all along.  And, the models?!  OMG, they couldnt have been more adorable, kind, and fun.


this means participating in small talk in the checkout line and talking to strangers at bars, stores, sporting events, and the gym. Additionally, approach the individuals to whom you are attracted romantically. Talk to them. Ask them to dance. Ask them out on dates.  Life is short. Who cares if you get rejected? There are seven billion people on this planet. You’re not expected to like or be liked by all of them. Take some chances and put yourself out there to meet new people.”  Holy moly!  This is tough.  The feeling of rejection.  Ugh, this is where my main issue is. For Sure!

Julie-G-Photography-Vegas-2016-1“Try new things, even if they make you anxious – 

Join a club, a sports team, or an improv class. Pick up a new project, take on a difficult task at work, or learn a new skill. Do something to get out of your comfort zone.  Part of overcoming shyness is about developing confidence in several areas of your life and not letting anxiety, fear of failure, fear of rejection, or fear of humiliation get in your way.”  I joined the marching band to meet new people and make friends (mostly b/c my mom made me).  While it was a struggle not only to friggin learn how to read music and play an instrument, I had to learn how to march!  Oh, btw, I played the cymbals.  Make a mistake and EVERYONE knows.  And, yes, of course I made mistakes, luckily not during competition.  Thank you Jesus.

These are just a few ways to overcome shyness.  Click the link above to read the rest!

I’d love to hear how you’re overcoming your shyness!  If you know someone who struggles with shyness as much as I do, feel free to share this post with them!




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Setting Intentions

You already have intentions whether you realize it or not.

My intention to create and share this post was Sunday. Things didn’t work out as planned. So, what will my future intention for blog posts be?  To do them ahead of time and preschedule them.

Let’s be optimistic…

You wake up on a Saturday morning with the intention of
getting all the things on your to do list finished. By the end of the day you feel boss
because you crossed everything off your list! What a great feeling, right?! Your morning
intention may have been efficiency or accomplishment.

But, if your intentions remain unconscious, you’ll just be a victim of your own
circumstances. Flying by the seat of your pants or trying to catch up with life vs YOU
choosing where you go and what you do/create. The “poor me” or “it’s not my
fault” people come to mind. The ones that blame everything that happens on
someone or something else. Or those that hate their life, yet, do nothing to change it.
I think if they start by setting an intention (even if it’s one at a time) their situation
would improve. There is also something called Law of Attraction (I will do another
post on that next – it’s pretty crazy).


Most importantly,  an intention HAS to be positive.

You cant have an intention of “I’m going to get rid of all the shitty people in my life”…instead, your intention could be “I am surrounded by happy, positive people like myself”. I know it sounds kinda wussy but it works. The key is you HAVE to work to make it happen. Yes, you’re putting your intention into the universe, which helps, but you’ve also gotta do the work! Magic and work go together like peas and carrots.

So, how do we choose and set an intention?

First, you do not have to do this during a new moon. If you do decide to, light a candle.  Get out your journal. What are you grateful for?  This is also a great daily habit btw. If you’re having trouble figuring out what you want your intention to be, select a single word. In your journal, write down anything that comes to mind, whether it’s something you’re having trouble figuring out, your current situation, an opportunity, or something that interests you. Most importantly, write down what you want your desired outcome to be. Notice the things or feels that come up while writing. Is there a pattern?  Also, include feeling words. Once you figure out your  word, how can you put this feeling into practice. Once you’re finished, blow out your candle and walk away. 

As of this writing, my intention is organization. I will have my marketing plan organized.  I will know what to do when. This will include my social media posts, blog posts, website updates, and seniors ignite lessons in practice. 



Resource:  Being Boss by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson (they’ve got a great podcast too). Love them!

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Back To School Hair and Makeup Tips


I am excited to have Lindsay, owner of Hair by Lindsay K do a guest blog about hair and makeup tips.  She and I are not only friends, but she is also the hair and makeup queen for Julie G Photography!



1.  SALON PRODUCTS- Always avoid using drugstore shampoos & conditioners. While these products do contain some of the same ingredients found in salon products, there are only small traces of them. Most of these cheaper brands are made up almost entirely of “fillers”, which can leave your hair feeling silky and soft, but will eventually leave a plastic-feeling buildup on your hair, and dehydrate it severely. Salon grade products are definitely worth the money!!

2.  USING CONDITIONER PROPERLY- Unless you have a really dry scalp, avoid putting conditioner anywhere near your roots. You will see the best results if you only apply conditioner from the mid shaft to ends of your hair (or the bottom 3/4).

3. HOW TO ACHIEVE VOLUME- Apply a root lifter to the very top sections of your hair, then lift and separate hair while blow drying. Blow drying the hair upwards will “rough up” the cuticle layer of the hair, causing it to stand high, while blow drying at a downward angle will create smoothness.

4. PILLOWCASES- Sleeping on silk pillowcases helps prevent split ends and breakage, and also helps decrease the amount of bed head you wake up with! Also remember, if you are trying out a new fashion color with your stylist, to always sleep on an old or black pillowcase the first few nights because these colors tend to bleed onto them!

5. FLYAWAYS AND BABY HAIR- Tame those awful flyways and baby hairs by simply spraying a toothbrush with hairspray and brushing hair into place. They will stay put all day!

6. BOBBY PINS- Keep Bobby pins in place by spraying them with hairspray before placing them into your hair. Also, make sure to tuck them in, wavy side down!

7. CURLING HAIR- To create a fuller looking effect, rotate the angles at which the curls are forming. Example: place one curl in toward face, then the next away from the face. Also never take a section to curl that is bigger than the barrel you are using!



LIQUID FOUNDATION- Store in a cool, dry place. This can be kept up to 1 year, as long as it is kept sealed tightly. NEVER use fingers to apply, only a one time use makeup sponge or brush! The oil from your hands will cause breakouts!

POWDER- Can be kept from 18 months-2 years safely. If powder is discolored or has a bad smell, throw out immediately!

LIP GLOSS/LIPSTICK- These products can be kept from 6 months to 1 year.

MASCARA/EYELINER- Replace these products every 3-4 months, due to the amount of bacteria they are exposed to. They have the shortest shelf life.

CREAM EYESHADOWS- Throw these out after 6 months. The water content in these products makes them more susceptible to bacteria, which can cause infections!

POWDER EYESHADOWS/BLUSH- These products both have low water content, which makes them fairly safe to keep around for a longer period of time. Safety wise, you only need to discard these after every 2 years.

Lindsay and I would love to hear which tips you found most helpful!

Feel free to share with your friends!  And, don’t forget to go and like Lindsay’s FB (click here) page and IG too (click here)!

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Summer Fun in the Tri-State

Looking for some summer fun in the Tri-State?  

Here are some ideas to do w/friends. I’ve been doing research to find these for you and havent been able to check any out yet.  Lmk which one(s) you guys try!  What if suddenly you find yourself locked in a room with friends, family and even strangers! You have only one hour to figure out how to get out the room and you agreed to do this – FOR FUN! You would be part of the biggest new Entertainment craze in the world! A live, first person, interactive game called Escape the Room Challenge. Discover hidden items, solve challenging puzzles, and unlock amazing secrets to win your freedom. You’ve only got 60 minutes, so think quickly.  My brother and sister-in-law did this w/her fam and they had a blast! Discover stories of grisly murders, ghastly deaths and other disturbing tales buried deep within Cincinnati’s storied past. Linger in the halls of an archaic building teeming with paranormal activity and walk around the grounds where human remains have recently been unearthed. Our guides will enthrall you with the heinous history of the Queen City that might just keep you up at night!  LOVE haunted house stuff!  Dave doesnt.  He likes to watch the stories on TV, but doesnt want to go for fear of them following him home.  Would you believe I’ve never been to Findley Market?!  No idea why.  I will be putting it on my ’16 Summer bucket list.  Stay tuned 🙂  Get some art-inspiration!  This is something else I’d love to do.  The Divine Felines looks so cool!  I know the Egyptians really had a thing for cats. How big was Noah’s Ark? How did Noah fit all the animals on board? How did Noah feed and care for all the animals? How did Noah build the Ark?  All of your questions will be answered on Noah’s Ark!  I’ve been asking these questions for FOREVER! Located in Northern Kentucky just minutes from the Cincinnati airport, this location combines the exhilarating competition of World Class Laser Tag with the intense physical fun of the Indoor Trampoline Park , huge Arcade with redemption and video games, and a snack bar with fresh made pizzas  Sky Zone is the world’s first indoor trampoline park. We’re the inventors of “fun fitness” and the makers of trampolines as far as the eye can see. We give you one of the greatest workouts ever combined with awesome, healthy fun. We’ve been voted the number one “out of the box” workout and the “best party ever.” Experience WOW – the weightlessness of bouncing, flipping and landing in a pit filled with 10,000 foam cubes.  uhhh, sounds like fun to me!!

Newport Gangster Tour

Julie-G-Photography-Gangster  Explore the streets where the mob made their millions, gamblers lost their lives, and ladies of the night earned their reputations. Join our gangster guides for a raucous, high energy presentation inside an old casino to explain the historic significance of Newport, and discover how this little town gave birth to the modern day gaming industry. “Signs and sign making are a fascinating reflection of America through the years. If your experience at the American Sign Museum causes you to be more aware of signs in your travels and of their value to businesses and communities, we’ve done our job.”  – Tod Swormstedt, Founder.   We went to Vegas back in March…one of our photoshoots was at a sign museum.  It was badass. 

Julie-G-photography-Sign-Museum-Summer-FunJulie-G-Photography-Sign-Museum-Summer-Fun-II  10 thrilling Zip Lines and 4 challenging Sky Bridges!  We went on a cruise and went ziplining.  Holy moly it’s really fun (the zip-lining, not the cruise)!  How about an old fashioned drive-in!  This is on the cheap side vs some of my other ideas above.  I tend to go for the expensive (not intentionally. lol)  There used to be a drive-in on Harrison Ave where the Veterans Park is (past Diamond Oaks).  

Here are some cheaper places to go.

I just gave you like a bajillion places to go and check out this summer!  No excuses for being bored!  

Let me know if you go to any of these!  I’d LOVE to hear how it goes!!!




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