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Dorm Life – Decor For Your Dorm Room

Move in day?  Need to refresh your room?   Let’s cozy up and get decor for your dorm room and make it more you.  Whether you live in the same dorm room all four years or you live somewhere off campus, you’re still going to need all the things to make your spot cozy, functional,[…]

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Cierra’s session included an eclectic mix of boho to grunge. Spunk, fun, and an authentic custom session for her senior pics. You’ll be able to tell soon how spunky Cierra is.  She def does her own thing.  Her spark, individuality, and vibe is so contagious.  Cierra chose The IMAGE Session to show her many sides.[…]

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Who Do You Want to Be?

Discovering who you are can be difficult. It’s a life long journey. I think it gets easier after high school.  I do not envy you guys who are still in school!  The drama!  Ugh!  Thinking about being back in school stresses me out. Back then, I found guys to be much less dramatic so they became my[…]

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Setting Intentions

You already have intentions whether you realize it or not. My intention to create and share this post was Sunday. Things didn’t work out as planned. So, what will my future intention for blog posts be?  To do them ahead of time and preschedule them. Let’s be optimistic… You wake up on a Saturday morning[…]

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Study Tips That Will Help You Stay Focused

IDK about you but I have a hard time getting into focus and well, staying there.  My brain jumps around like I’m back on the recess playground jumping rope with my friends.  Sometimes double dutch! Try these study tips to help you stay focused so you will feel confident for finals.   Sleep!   You may feel[…]

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senior session in flower field


Ashley’s session.  She wanted it all!  Fields, creeks, city, flowers.  She chose the Be SEEN Experience, which is three hours, unlimited everything.  We started with the fields and creeks.  Her romper is so stinkin cute.  It’s from American Eagle. We went to The Banks next.  The Roebling Suspension Bridge was closed to traffic for restoration/preservation[…]

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Dark Moon vs New Moon

Before we begin learning about the phases of the moon, crystals, etc and how to understand and use them to our advantage, I want you to know that I believe in God and only God.  Some of the research done includes paganism and a lot of what I call woo-woo stuff.  By taking what I’ve[…]

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