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Hey! I'm Julie.

What makes me get up every morning?  Donuts!  Chocolate Eclairs with the custard filling (not icing - that's gross)

I Believe In:

God  *  Rooting for the underdog  *  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle  *  Animal Welfare  *  Saving our planet  *  Try to be helpful and empathic.  *  Telling the truth (even if it sucks)  *  Adventures, but, I like being at home  *  Being anything you want!

You wanna be a rocket scientist who moonlights as a chef?  Go for it!

Behind every locked door each of us has the ability to be whomever we want.  

Determination is the key.

My path to photography...

Staring into the creepy attic library of a 1920s tudor, I am rushing thru magazines to find inspiration for my next college graphic design assignment before a ghostly finger taps me on the shoulder.  Then it hits me (my idea, not a ghost) "Photograph my OWN images!"  I went out the next day and took shots of my friend's brand new Chevy Silverado and created a storyboard commercial for it.  My love for photography developed (haha).  No more creepy, haunted attic libraries for me!

After I graduated, I started shooting landscapes and nature (remember, I'm a tree hugger-I mean nature lover).  One day I was asked to shoot Senior Portraits, and...

OMG!  Seriously love you guys!  This is where I belong!  Why?  Your energy, openness, boldness, willingness to try anything.  Also, your vulnerability.  Your shyness before you open up and then bust out laughing at how awkward you feel posing.  I show you a peek of the back of my camera and it's on!  You're ready for anything!   THAT makes my heart happy!

Round Two-27
high-school-senior-portraits; brookville-senior-pics, brookville-senior pictures, brookville-personal-branding

Meet Lindsay.  I was looking to add a hair and makeup artist awhile back and my sister-in-law introduced me to Lindsay.  We, too, have been friends ever since.  She is AWESOME with hair and makeup!  Lindsay owns Hair by Lindsay K.


Have fun, be shy, be silly, be you!

Your Life, Your Story

Stand Out   Be SEEN



Be You

Let People See The

Real, Imperfect, Flawed,

Quirky, Weird, Beautiful,

Magical Person

You Are


Sam: "I loved my photo session, it was amazing and Julie listened to everything I had in mind and truly brought it to life! The photos were amazing and she does a fantastic job! I recommend her to anyone! She is amazing, I loved it!"

Check out what it feels like to be a model for a day