A Classy City Life Photo Shoot


City Life Senior near Nicholson's Restaurant
A Classy City Life Shoot is what Elise wanted her senior session downtown Cincinnati to be about. This shot is outside Nicholson’s Pub.


During our planning session, I asked Elise to tell me what words she envisions for her shoot.  She gave me classy, preppy, fashionista, and fun.  I came up with A Classic City Life Photo Shoot.  And, our inspiration was born!

Elise told me she would love to live in New York.  She loves the hustle and bustle of city living.  The noises, smells, atmosphere, people, and everything that goes with the energy of New York.  That’s what made her session unique for me.  I hadn’t had a senior who only wanted a city shoot.  She didn’t want anything “country”.  She wanted downtown Cincinnati for a “City-Life” vibe.  GREAT!  I’ve always wanted a Cincinnati photoshoot!  The architecture, all the people, the flare of being downtown.

Count.  Me.  In.!

Her mom, Sarah, works downtown and was extremely helpful for location ideas and how to get around (the only place I know how to get to-without getting lost-is The Banks!)

Classy Elise at Smale Riverfront Park, Downtown Cincinnati
A timeless classic that Elise will be proud to show for many, many years


For her shoot, I wanted to make sure that we had a well-rounded portfolio.  Not only shots of Elise doing her ‘thing’, but, I also wanted to include her requested classy shots.  I feel this is a timeless classic that she will be proud to show many years from now.  As you can tell, Elise has that ‘look’ that we all wish for.  And, those EYES!  whoa!!  Elise has a great sense of style too.  I stopped by her house to help narrow down her outfits so we could get a game plan figured out.  She pretty much had it under control as you can see!  She is definitely a fashionista 🙂

Preppy Elise at Smale Riverfront Park
Elise showing us her modeling talent


The Banks and Smale Riverfront Park were two of our stops for some fun shots.  Smale is such a beautiful little park between The Banks and the Ohio River.  There were plenty of photo ops to choose from!  The fountains that burst up from the sidewalks, the river, and the meandering pathways create a little oasis within the city.  Oh, you MUST see all of the water-features at night!  Aaaa-mazing!

I do have to thank Elise and Sarah for allowing me the opportunity to experiment with lighting.  I have always wanted to shoot the fountains at night using a model.  Elise was happy to be my guinea pig 😉

City Life Senior Shoot at The Banks Cincinnati OH

City Life Senior Shoot at The Banks Cincinnati OH


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