Specializing in High School Senior Portraits.

Poses that look natural and are authentically you.

I'll guide you thru every aspect of your session.  From styling,  location ideas, makeup, and everything in-between.  Resulting in an experience that reps who you are and your aspirations.

AND, you will still look like you.

strength and confidence...teal to green

I just love how real you are.  You're so genuine and you make everyone feel really comfortable so modeling isn't so scary.  I feel like I can really be myself with you.  Also love how laid back things are and how laid back the attitude is! Sam McDaniel

Like you, Sam also worried about:

  • feeling a little awkward in front of the camera
  • not sure what to wear
  • or where to go
  • ending up with pics that didn't look like her

How do you overcome these little thorns?  Read below on how you'll be prepped for your session (i.e. answering the above worries).

Posing Tip - Move!

It's the secret to getting great natural shots.  Movement helps get you out of your head by moving around and listening to me guide you.  For example, in this video, I had her walk back and forth a couple of times (for video and for still shots).  All the while, I'd ask her to spin, smile, look over her shoulder, look at me, etc.  As a result, she now has both vids and stills of this.  That reminds me, the bts videos and shots are included with your session.  Everyone loves bts especially b/c it's like a peek into what's going on and how we got there.

What if I'm not walking around? you may ask.  You'll still move, just not walk.  Below are a few examples how simply moving from side to side can create multiple poses.  Most of what you're worried about, is just bc you've never done this before.  Going into the unknown makes you feel kinda nervous.  Like you're going to do something 'wrong'.  During your session, I'll guide you...play with  your hair, jewelry, look away from the camera, smile, no smile, etc.  All of these create different looks for you to choose from.  And, don't worry, I go thru and pick the best ones.  The "bad ones" never see the light of day.



That's the number one question I get from clients.  Even from my most style savvy clients, so don’t worry, you are not alone if you are also having that thought!  While I want this experience to be super fun and relaxed, I also know that these images will live on in eternity on the walls of your parents’ home…. So yeah, what you wear is kind of important! That being said, the main thing I want you to remember is that more than anything, what you love and what you feel GOOD in should be the top priority. Yes, it’s fun to wear things a little outside of your comfort zone for some of the shots, but I also want you to feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. I won’t ever force you to wear something that you don’t like - these aren’t MY senior pics after all!

Danielle -62-1
Danielle -50-1
Danielle -40-1
Danielle -9-1

Sign up below to receive your Style Guide.  Each style section gives ideas on each genre's characteristics/hallmarks, etc.  Also, each mentions where to buy items that fit the description as well as location ideas that will correlate to that particular style of clothing. My goal is to gently guide you to finding the right outfits for your session while hopefully streamlining the process for you as well.

Location, Location, Location

If what you wear is most important to you, we will search locations according to what you want to wear.

Or, if you want the location to match your vibe, then we will pick your dream locations and then pick outfits that are cohesive.  Or, maybe a little outside the box.  Remember, this is all you!  I'll help you bring out what's in your head. 😉


Check out Caroline's session for inspo on how to incorporate outfits and locations.

Featured Session Caroline

Natural Editing

You want to look like you on your best day.  Editing can get super crazy.  IK you do not want to look fake with skin as smooth as a Barbie doll or eyes that have been so edited they look weird.  You don't want your friends saying your pics don't look like you!  There's a fine line (well, maybe not that fine ;D) between natural and WTH?!

I did a couple videos on Danielle's image.

1st vid is editing skin, flyaways, highlighting hair, giving a little contouring

2nd vid is smoothing skin a bit

3rd vid is enhancing tones and highlights/shadows to give a little punch.



Danielle's Before:  just out of the shower
Danielle's Before: just out of the shower
with hair/makeup and editing
After with hair/makeup and editing

Normally, I don't do before and after b/c I don't want anyone getting any ideas on not feeling pretty enough.  Danielle is friggin adorable with wet hair and no makeup.

I just want you to see that yes, she still looks like her...and how I edit images.

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