Taking the scary out of posing.  Naturally.

Guiding you to become comfortable in front of the camera with movement and natural poses to create authentic, lifestyle images with a bonus boost of confidence.

strength and confidence...teal to green

I just love how real you are.  You're so genuine and you make everyone feel really comfortable so modeling isn't so scary.  I feel like I can really be myself with you.  Also love how laid back things are and how laid back the attitude is! Sam McDaniel

Like you, Sam also worried about:

  • feeling awkward/uncomfortable in front of the camera
  • not knowing how to pose
  • ending up with pics that didn't look like her

That's where movement comes into play

It's the secret to getting great natural shots.  Movement helps get you out of your head by moving around and listening to me guide you.  For example, in this video, I had her walk back and forth a couple of times (for video and for still shots).  All the while, I'd ask her to spin, smile, look over her shoulder, look at me, etc.  As a result, she now has both vids and stills of this.  That reminds me, the bts videos and shots are included with your session.  Everyone loves bts especially b/c it's like a peek into what's going on and how we got there.

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