Storytelling Senior Portraits


Strength and Confidence for Body, Mind, and Spirit.

When you feel strong and confident, you feel you can take over the world, right? You know how when you get something in your head and no one can stop you?   Yep, that's freakin powerful!  Even if it's something you think is small.  They're all baby steps towards who you're supposed to be.  Your spirit is who you are.  Your values, inspirations, aspirations, your beliefs.

I am here for you.  More so than just senior pictures.

Little nudges out of your comfort zone, little quotes, little things here and there to help you grow and feel inspired, confident, whatever it is that guided you to me...God has his reasons...

You want Pinterest-worthy images (and outfits!) to be proud of.  You want natural, unposed images – you still need some direction and guidance tho for posed shots that LOOK like they happened naturally (hello Free People catalog ;D )

I am here to help you have the best experience I possibly can.  I want you to feel more powerful, inspired, beautiful and then pay it forward to others with your gifts.



I just love how real you are. You're so genuine and you make everyone feel really comfortable so modeling isnt so scary. I feel like I can really be myself                                                                                            with you. I also love how laid back things are and how laid back the attitude is!                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Sam McDaniel

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