Specializing in Senior Portraits

Poses that look natural and are authentically you.

I'll guide you thru every aspect of your session.  From styling,  location ideas, makeup, and everything in-between.  Resulting in an experience that reps who you are and your aspirations.

AND, you will still look like you.

strength and confidence...teal to green

This is more than just pictures, you want this to be more of a discovery of other parts of your personality.  You want to discover something else...learn something about yourself.  Not just get your picture taken.


high-school-senior-portraits; brookville-senior-pics, brookville-senior pictures, brookville-personal-branding, college-senior-pictures, collage-grad-pics
high-school-senior-portraits; brookville-senior-pics, brookville-senior pictures, brookville-personal-branding, college-senior-pictures, collage-grad-pics

"I just love how real you are.  You're so genuine and you make everyone feel really comfortable so modeling isn't so scary.  I feel like I can really be myself with you.  Also love how laid back things are and how laid back the attitude is!" Sam McDaniel

Your senior year is FINALLY here!  You've been working and dreaming of this year for forever!  It's time to start planning for your senior pictures.  I'm sure you've been peeping Pinterest and searching for ideas for your session for awhile now...Let's bring your session to life.

Let's celebrate you!  Show your uniqueness, your accomplishments, your hobbies, all the things that make you YOU!


Each session is fun and relaxed, and combines the latest styles with fashion techniques and a keen attention to lighting and posing details. Every image tells your unique story.  You appreciate quality, style and a one-of-a-kind experience.



I'm really excited about this year’s independent vibe, because the senior experience has always been about freedom. Freedom to expresss your individuality. Freedom to express your style and personality. Freedom to tell your story with images that reflect you.


All sessions styles are a personalized editorial experience; where you and I will create amazing images of you that tell your story. And no matter which session you choose…you’re free to be you. I know you want images that look and feel like you. Whether you want amazing images, a fun experience or just someone who appreciates who you are, I’ve got you covered.  Unique sessions and images to express every part of your individual style. I have always celebrated those who like to think for themselves and not follow the crowd.


Sign up below to receive your Style Guide.  Each style section gives ideas on each genre's characteristics/hallmarks, etc.  Also, each mentions where to buy items that fit the description as well as location ideas that will correlate to that particular style of clothing. My goal is to gently guide you to finding the right outfits for your session while hopefully streamlining the process for you as well.

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